Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blogger Blamed in Fatal Stabbing

It’s another Blogger Idol link-up!  This week the contestants have been asked to write a newspaper article about a fictional crime they have committed. There are a few guidelines though: You must include at least 2 images, and the post must be between 500-750 words. It must also be written in third person.

And here it is …..

The Hometown Herald

Monday, October 7th, 2013



A woman allegedly stabbed her ex-husband to death during an incident at a local Applebee’s neighborhood grill, police reported.
The woman, Angela Ryan, 35, was taken into custody Friday evening after a chance meeting at Applebee’s, which led to the fatal wounding of her former spouse.  The woman was reported as seemingly lacking a sense of guilt, according to both witnesses and local authorities.  
In a statement released to authorities, Angela’s current husband shared, “Angela always used to say that if we ever ran into him (her ex-husband), she would stab him in the throat with a knife.  I just thought it was one of her jokes.  For anyone that knows her well, they are aware that Angela often has a dark sense of humor. “

An Applebee’s server, who witnessed the entire scene, reported, “She appeared perfectly content when she came in that evening.  She was with another man and they seemed like any other couple I’ve waited on.  She was drinking our signature sangria and sharing some mozzarella sticks with her husband.  They were really happy and laughing.  Then another couple entered the restaurant and the man approached their table.  I saw the woman look at him, and her entire pleasant expression and demeanor changed.”
Local authorities, and other key witnesses, don’t believe any words were exchanged between Angela and the now deceased man.  Many customers reported confusion over the incident as no action appeared to have precipitated the attack. 
The server continued, “Once she saw him approaching their booth, she just very calmly removed her utensils from the napkin and firmly grasped the steak knife.  When he was near enough, she stood up and swiftly plunged the knife into his throat.  He collapsed and began bleeding profusely.  That’s when I called authorities.  All of our customers were alarmed, but she remained totally composed.”
After arriving at the scene, local police handcuffed Angela and she was taken in for questioning.  Her former spouse, whose name is not being released until we have reached his next of kin, was rushed to Lincoln Memorial Hospital, where he departed several hours later, suffering from severe blood loss.  
Although many individuals suspected that Angela would be charged with manslaughter, police informed us that they are not pursuing charges after hearing Angela’s account of their former relationship.  “This is quite atypical,” Police Chief Al Rogan admitted.  “We don’t normally let an attack with fatal outcomes like this go unpunished.  However, we believe that Angela was punished enough while she was married to this son of a bitch.  I hate to say it, but that asshole really got what he had coming to him.” 
“I guess I should have taken her more seriously,” added Angela’s current spouse, who she is now back home with, “I thought she was being sarcastic.”
Concerned that this incident may have tarnished his restaurant’s reputation, Applebee’s manager Dave Jensen is considering a new marketing campaign.  Jensen suggested that the restaurant now be promoted as a place where kids eat free and women get revenge. 


  1. Hi Angela! I also wrote an article of my crime and thought I would head over here to read yours! Very funny! "Angela's current spouse now makes sure he does EVERYTHING asked of him by his beautiful wife." :)

  2. Kids eat free and women get revenge....best. marketing. strategy. ever. Visiting from Blogger Idol and my page, Keeper of The Fruit Loops. We losers have to stick together ;)

  3. I am speechless. This is fantastic and scary all at once.

  4. "I guess I should have taken her more seriously." Nice!