Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Will Like Every Photo I Post

I’ve been on Facebook way too damn much.  And I know I brag about my babies a lot.  It almost seems like every new outfit change warrants a posting.  I’m afraid that soon I’ll start charting their bowel movements online because I’m just so damn proud of everything they do. 

Beyond bragging about my children, I’ve been on Facebook so frequently because I feel like that’s the social adult aspect of my life right now.  One doesn’t get out of the house much with a twenty month old and six week old.  I’m not complaining about this; I just need to find other outlets than social media.  I try to avoid throwing dirty laundry up on my status line for all to see, but it’s definitely happened on more than one occasion.  It’s akin to drunk dialing.  And now I’ve started this blog, so imagine the damage I could do. 

My brother was recently home from Minneapolis, and I asked him if he knew I began a blog. He replied in the negative.  I told him he needs to check it out because he owes me after I read his former blog “Atari Summer,” a blog dedicated to him playing old Atari games and evaluating them.  Yeah, really. He asked what my blog was all about, and I didn’t exactly know how to reply.  This is not good, and surely is a total violation of all that advice I initially read and wrote about.  My response was, “Just my stories, I guess, and a lot of bitching.”  He then replied, “Yeah … not interested.” 

So, I have two mantras I’ve been repeating to myself.  The first is “I will not bitch about politics on my blog,” and the second is “I will not bitch about my former employer on my blog.” Both are quite difficult right now, with it being election season and the start of a new school year.

Given that I have deemed the above topics are off limits, I need to consume time that might be dedicated to writing with other activities.  When I sit down to type, my head keeps loading itself up with thoughts of the new school year, and the knowledge that I won’t be in a classroom next week. Right now, I shed a tear almost every time one of those damn Target back-to-school commercials comes on with one of those phony hipster teachers singing about “pencils, jeans, and notebooks.”

So, rather than attempt to write or watch television for distraction, I have turned to Facebook.  And I’m going to keep posting photos of my babies, and if you are my Facebook friend, you are expected to “like” every damn photo I post because my kids are fucking adorable.   

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