Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bonding with Blogging Vogging

Today, I feel much honored that I was asked to participate in a blog challenge by Dhriti at Blogging Vogging.  Dhriti chose four bloggers that she likes (Yay! Someone likes me! This makes me SO happy!) and asked each of us the following set of questions.  Our answers will be featured on her blog, and I am also posting mine here. 

1.       After blogging for many years how do you feel about your very first post? What did you write? How do you see yourself then and now?

My first post, titled “The Beginning of the Blog,” was a brief post explaining how my recent unemployment had led to the creation of the blog.  Upon being laid off from my full time teaching career last year, and subsequently devastated, a friend who saw my sorrow encouraged me to start writing again, and share my words through a blog.  Therefore, when it comes to describing my feelings about this first post, the one word I keep returning to is “gratitude.”  Without my dear forever friend, I never would have begun this blogging journey and become part of such a warm and welcoming community of writers and story tellers.  I felt more uncertain about my writing at that time than I do now, and the blogging community, in addition to the support of my long-time friends, has been very affirming and accepting of my work.  I’m not the break-out blogging sensation I had serious delusions about becoming, but I am quite content with the work I do.

2.      What movie makes you cry and why?

Homeward Bound still gets me every damn time.  Quentin Tarantino can kill all the human beings he wants in his films, and I’m not bothered.  If a director puts some animals struggling and bonding together in a film, though, I’m a hot mess.  Somebody pass the Kleenex.


3.      Do you like helping your family/friends in their chores? (If yes, please describe in detail – I just want to show my husband )

 I’m sorry that this answer is not affirmative (nothing to show your husband here).  I don’t like chores, but I certainly do help as I believe it’s important to keep a clean home because that space is intended to be calm and comforting.

4.  Are you happy with your blog title and tagline? If yes, what does it tell about you? Why did you choose it? If no, what other blog title would you choose?

This question is wild and strangely attuned to me because I have been thinking a lot about my blog title and tag line lately.  In fact, I already have a whole post written that answers every single one of these questions.  You’ll just have to wait a few days for that post to be edited and published.

5.      Why do you visit my blog? What do you like in me or my writing? Do you like the topics I choose? Give me one reason.  Also give me one (or more) tip/s to improve my writing, come on now, this is your chance, I take it very sportively, anything is welcome.

I began visiting your blog due to Yeah Write teaming us up as rowmies for NaBloPoMo.  I find that your writing is very soulful and spiritual.  There is something in your style of writing that puts people at ease.  I think your topics are all very appropriate.  They provide us insight into your world, but also demonstrate a respect and admiration for the world around you.  You seem to have your reader in mind and don’t assume that everyone who stops by just wants to hear about your every single action.  As for improvement, I suppose that some posts could go into greater detail (but, clearly, I’m just quite long-winded). 

6.      What is your favorite color?

Purple – it’s the color of royalty.  Like Lorde, I like being queen bee, so it suits me.


7.      What is your nick-name?

I don’t have a nick-name.  A few folks have called me a bitch before.  Does that count? 



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  1. This is hilarious! I also answered Dhriti's questions (good fun!), and it looks like we're all in a similar conundrum about blog titles and taglines. I'll be very excited to read your thoughts on that.